Selected Speeches Of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I


We are deeply grieved at the tragic and shocking death of John F. Kennedy, the great leader and President of the American nation, a man dedicated to the achievement of world peace and equality and dignity to all men.

We met President Kennedy in Washington less than two months ago. It was Our privilege then to witness for Ourself the untiring efforts and the far-sighted vision which he brought to his role as leader of the American people. We were struck by his courage and resoluteness, by his determination that peace must be assured to all men, by his devotion to the principles of the equality of men and the assurance of life, liberty, and happiness to all. It is not given to many to leave in so short a span of years, so indelible an imprint on his nation and on the course of world events.

Not only Ethiopians but all men mourn the passing of this great statesman. Struck down by an assassin's bullet, he died a martyr to the highest ideals of humanity. Let each Ethiopian today pause for a moment in his daily tasks and lament the passing of this man, a good friend to Ethiopia, who understood our problems, who sympathized with us in our struggles and who shared our dearest desires and hopes for the future.

The untimely and sudden death of President Kennedy at an early age has deprived the American nation and the entire world of the inspiration and services of this dedicated and determined leader. He will be mourned not only by his loved ones but by all peoples, and particularly by the peo­ples of Africa.

In this time of suffering and sorrow, We extend Our deepest and most heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Kennedy, to their young children, to the father and mother so rudely and suddenly deprived of a beloved son, to his relatives, and to the American people who have sustained so cruel a loss. We ask Almighty God to support and strengthen his family and the American people in this unhappy hour, and We pray that his soul may rest in peace, as his memory will live in history.

November 23, 1963.

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