Selected Speeches Of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I


We take great pleasure in extending Our wishes for the success of the international conference on "Africa and the World" organized by the Haile Selassie I Prize Trust. We established this organization in 1963 and entrusted it with the responsibility of recognizing outstanding achievements in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa, and to strengthen the spiritual and cultural bonds between Our people and the peoples of the African continent and of the whole world.

We are pleased to witness that you distinguished scholars have readily co-operated and accepted the invitation extended by this organization. This gathering is one of the opportunities where so many people who have studied Africa will be able to share their views and knowledge. It will also help in the strengthening of the foundation of African Unity.

We have consistently supported the view that adequate channels and opportunities be established at all levels to facilitate exchanges of ideas and thoughts. Leaders and their people can utilize enlightened thinking that may result from such exchanges. As you well know, the Organization of African Unity has enabled leaders to consult as well as act together.

You meet as scholars concerned with the present and future of our continent. You meet to discuss critically and objectively some of the major areas of concern namely, history, politics, economics and education.

You are gathered to comment on specific African problems and air considered views on the courses of action that the continent should best follow in its dealings outside its continental boundaries.

As academic people it is essential that your discussions are unfettered by promotional inclinations and bias but instead pervaded by scholarly integrity and positive outlooks. Furthermore, you must focus on the future rather than solely on the past.

We look forward to seeing the proceedings in published form and We wish the conference success.

October 3, 1966.

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