Selected Speeches Of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I


We are most appreciative of the high tribute which has been paid to Us today in the awarding of the 1960 Gold Medal Award by the George Washington Carver Memorial Institute, and We are honoured to join the distinguished company of those who have received it. In accepting this award, We do so not only on Our own behalf, but also on behalf of the Ethiopian people, whose loyalty, devotion and support have assisted Us in the labours which We have expended throughout Our lifetime on behalf of Our beloved subjects and in pursuance of the high principles to which Our life has been dedicated.

We extend Our deepest thanks to the George Washington Carver Memorial Institute and to Mr. Robert Hobday, its President, who has come to Our capital city Addis Ababa to make this presentation to Us.

January 5, 1961.

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