Selected Speeches Of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I


This agreement for mutual security constitutes a striking example of the policy always followed by Ethiopia and which consists of contributing by every means at her disposal to the forces of collective security throughout the world. Ethiopia is to be counted among those members of the United Nations who are the most faithful in the support of the principles upon which the Charter of that organization rests. It is for this reason that Ethiopia was among the first of the members to respond to the appeal of the Security Council for contributions, by financial means and, later by military forces, to check the aggression in Korea.

It is apparent that the United Nations is doing the utmost, within the limits of human possibility, to maintain world peace. Nor can it be doubted that, although outside of God's will man can accomplish nothing, this world organization has made great strides towards the preservation of world peace. So far no one has made practical suggestions concerning any organization which could replace it more efficiently. If Korea and world peace still exist today, it is certainly solely because of the United Nations. In the absence of this organization, even political and military agreements between and among the Great Powers of the world would not have prevented the simultaneous disappearance of Korea and world peace. Because of the existence of the United Nations, for the first time in history, peaceful nations have joined together to check aggression by the force of arms, a precedent which Ethiopia regards as having profound significance.

It is in this respect that the signature of the Mutual Security Agreement assumes such importance. Already, as a result of the conclusion of that agreement, the first personnel of the Military Mission as well as the first shipment of arms provided for by that agreement have arrived in Ethiopia. It is here that the two ports of Massawa and Assab, lying as they do on Our extensive coasts along the Red Sea, demonstrate their significance to the Empire. Not only do they ensure the development of Ethiopia's international trade, but also, they now make possible, without the interposition of any obstacle, the importation of the arms which are so important for the national defence and for Ethiopia's participation in the programme of mutual security. When We reflect upon the great blessing which Almighty God has bestowed on Ethiopia and on Our beloved people as manifested by this enhancement of Our material and moral strength, there seems to be no other means for expressing Our gratitude to Him than to call upon all, each to the limit of his own possibilities, to serve Ethiopia in unity and selfless co-operation.

November 2, 1953.

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