Selected Speeches Of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I


... In May of 1963, a meeting of the Heads of Independent African States will be held in Ethiopia's Capital, Addis Ababa. This Conference, which will be attended by the heads of all African nations which have hitherto been split into several different groupings, will, We are confident, aid immeasurably in bridging whatever gaps have heretofore existed between them. It is essential that any lingering divisions among African states be eliminated, that the goal of tangible African unity may be brought within grasp during our lifetime. The Ethiopian Government and people will welcome with joy and celebrations this unprecedented visit to Our nation of the leaders of the African continent.

Neighbourly Relations

It is with deep regret that We have viewed the continued deterioration in relations with Ethiopia's neighbour, the Republic of Somalia. The joy with which the Ethiopian Government and people greeted the attainment of Somalia's independence in July, 1960, has gradually turned to dismay as the Somalia Government has demonstrated that it has no desire to live in harmony and cordial co-operation with us, but is pursuing a policy of territorial expansion.

Ethiopia's history illustrates, beyond cavil or doubt, the determination with which her people have resisted and will resist any threat to Ethiopia's unity or the security of their Empire emanating from whatever quarter and however great or powerful the adversary. We have extended the hand of friendship to the Somalia Government but have been rebuffed and attacked. While Ethiopia has joined in efforts to create an East African Federation, efforts to which Somalia paid lip-service at the PAFMECA Conference held in Addis Ababa less than a year ago, that Government has persisted in a bankrupt policy which violates and contradicts the very resolutions for which its representative voted.

The campaign of vituperation and calumny directed by the Somalia Government against Ethiopia has exceeded elementary standards of decency and civilized conduct among nations. Nevertheless, in the face of this continued provocation, Ethiopia has pursued a course of patience and forbearance. We have called upon the Ethiopian Government and people to manifest self-control and restraint, to maintain a grim silence, to shirk and foreswear retaliation. In this, We do not confess a weakness, but proclaim a strength. Ethiopians are too proud to stoop to the level of those who thus attack and villify their nation. Force will be used only in defence of Ethiopia's people and motherland. But, let there be no question: Ethiopia is prepared to struggle to the end in the protection of her territory and her sovereignty.

There is neither reason nor cause for discord and disharmony to mar relations between the brotherly peoples of Ethiopia and Somalia. We share common interests, we drink of the same waters, we are of one blood, we were united in history. The humanitarian assistance extended during past years by the Ethiopian people to their Somalia brothers in time of natural disaster has strengthened the bonds of friendship existing between them. These ties shall never be severed. We shall continue, by every means at Our disposal, a peaceful rapprochement with the Somalia Government, that the traditional friendship and harmony which for centuries prevailed in the Horn of Africa may be fostered and preserved. ...

November 2, 1964.

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