Selected Speeches Of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I


....We will continue by speaking of Our efforts in the development and extension of education in Ethiopia. As We informed you before, among Ethiopia's long-range program­mes is that embracing the youth of the Empire. It is Our constant solicitude that Ethiopia's youth be brought up and educated in order to render service to Ethiopia.

In order to retain her proper and rightful place, Ethio­pia's sole means is education, through which she will be able to assist herself, maintain her independence, take an active and important part in world affairs and be a benefit both to herself and to others.

We are satisfied with the efforts made and with the time spent in the education of Ethiopia's youth. The present generation's thirst and earnest desire for education, as well as their easy adaptability to modern culture and training and their spirit of progress encourage Us to redouble Our efforts toward the fulfilment of Our aims. We have great pride in Our people and equally in the future generations.

We are able thus to wait hopefully for the young Ethiopian graduates from the Universities of the world who will return home in the near future to do service to their country....

November 2, 1948.

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