The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I - Volume 2

Editor's Note

This online edition of the Emperor's autobiography has been created to benefit the sons and daughters of the Ras Tafari faith. It is an aid to the edification of the Ras Tafari nation that proceeds from close attention to the thoughts and testimonies of the Emperor. It is our hope that it will be replicated indefinitely from multiple locations, online and offline; to which end archives of the HTML (web) and the RTF (print) files have been provided. The RTF files have the text as edited by Prof. Marcus and his team, whereas the HTML edition has been further edited by me, as decribed below. The online edition does not purport to substitute for the print edition.

Professor Marcus's introduction, valuable footnotes, bibliography and index have not been reproduced. Much of the explicatory text inserted in bracket parentheses have been removed so as to enable the reader to hear His Majesty's voice more clearly. It was deemed unnecessary to iron out such nuances and ambiguities that are present in the Emperor's testimony, as they are integral to the Ethiopian mode of speech. It was also deemed unnecessary to explicate parenthetically the statements of native English speakers, like Prime Minister Churchill. Bracketed text used to join ellipted sections have been left unaltered. No dates, names, titular and historical details have been removed. Other than the portrait used on the title page of the web edition, no photographs have been reproduced. The print edition remains the proper source for scholarly research.

This work was initiated with the financial aid of my brethren in the faith, Michael Bockenek; a more supportive partner no man could demand. I owe a debt of gratitude also to my brethren in the faith, Ernestas Jancenkas, who did diligent proof reading of the drafts. I alone, however, am responsible for any errors that may be in this edition.

Finally, as none of our efforts can reach a fruitful conclusion without the gracious blessing of His Majesty, my eternal thanks and praises for the completion of this edition are offered to our divine majesty, Emperor Haile Sellassie I, God and King.

Isaiah Sellassie
New York City,
February 2018.

Electronic edition created and published online by members of the
Emperor Haile Sellassie First Theocracy Reign
Order of the Nyahbinghi

Crest of the Nyahbinghi Order

February 23, 2018