The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I




Chapter 1: The story of my childhood up to my appointment as Dejazmatch (1892-1906)

Chapter 2: From my appointment as Dejazmatch to my father's death (1906)

Chapter 3: From the death of H.H. my father till my appointment to the governorship of Harar (1906-1910)

Chapter 4: About my appointment to the governorship of Harar and its province (1910)

Chapter 5: From the time of my marriage up to my appointment as crown- prince and regent plenipotentiary (1911-1916)

Chapter 6: The reason why the rancour between Ledj Iyasu and myself began

Chapter 7: From the deposition of Ledj Iyasu on 17th Maskaram 1909 (= 27th September 1916) to the assumption of the crown by Queen Zawditu on 4th Yakatit 1909 (= 11th February 1917)

Chapter 8: From the coronation of Queen Zawditu up to Ledj Iyasu's defeat at Wallo and subsequent escape

Chapter 9: About the dismissal of ministers and the outbreak of an influenza epidemic

Chapter 10: About Ledj Iyasu's arrest in Tigre

Chapter 11: About men who were an obstacle to the work of government by coming between Queen Zawditu and myself

Chapter 12: About the improvement, by ordinance and proclamation, of internal administration and about the efforts to allow foreign civilization to enter Ethiopia

Chapter 13: About Our pressing for Ethiopia's entry into the League of Nations

Chapter 14: About Our efforts to free the slaves and the progressive im­provement, year by year, in the struggle for their liberation

Chapter 15: About the honour of invitations extended to Us to visit Europe

Chapter 16: About Our journey from Alexandria to Paris

Chapter 17: About Our journey from Paris to Brussels

Chapter 18: About Our journey from Paris to Rome

Chapter 19: From Paris to London

Chapter 20: From Paris to Athens, the Greek capital

Chapter 21: Returning from Athens home to Ethiopia

Chapter 22: About the convention for mutual assistance between the British Government, as regards the barrage at Lake Tana, and the Italian Government, as regards the construction of a railway from the border of Eritrea, cutting through the middle of Ethiopia, to Italian Somaliland

Chapter 23: About our treaty with Italy concerning port facilities at Assab, the construction of a road, and general amity

Chapter 24: About Our receiving the dignity of kingship without ceasing to be Heir Apparent and Regent Plenipotentiary

Chapter 25: About the instigation by the Italians of Ras Gugsa Wale's rebellion

Chapter 26: About Our planning and initiating gradual improvements and reforms in the work of the clergy

Chapter 27: About Our arrangements for the appointment of bishops chosen from among the savants of Ethiopia

Chapter 28: About Our coronation as Emperor

Chapter 29: About Our setting up a Constitution

Chapter 30: A commentary on the Constitution

Chapter 31: The Italians engage in deceitful propaganda activities with Ras Haylu and cause the escape of Ledj Iyasu from Fitche

Chapter 32: As regards the visit to Us of the Crown Prince Gustaf Adolph of Sweden and Our ceremonial welcome to him

Chapter 33: About Our setting up a Red Cross Society

Chapter 34: Our notification of Italy's aggression

Chapter 35: We proclaim mobilization

Chapter 36: Our organization of the southern army

Chapter 37: About Dejazmatch Hayla Sellasse Gugsa's treachery

Chapter 38: We go to Dessie

Chapter 39: While at Dessie We hear of the dismissal of General de Bono and the appointment of Marshal Badoglio

Chapter 40: We hear of the rout of the army on Ras Dasta's front

Chapter 41: We issue a proclamation for further mobilization

Chapter 42: Our march from Dessie to Koram

Chapter 43: Things go well with Our armies in Shire and Tambien

Chapter 44: Our journey from Koram to the warfront at Maytchaw

Chapter 45: The battle of Maytchaw

Chapter 46: Our return to Addis Ababa

Chapter 47: The decision, on advice, to go abroad

Chapter 48: From Jibuti to Jerusalem

Chapter 49: Our journey from Jerusalem to London

Chapter 50: Our journey to Geneva in quest of justice from the League of Nations

Genealogical Outline

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