Rastafari Ila Days

These days are revered as Hola days and are treated within sabbatical Ites.

7th of January- Ethiopian Nativity of Christ
1st of March - Battle of Adowa, 1896
21st of April - Visit of H.I.M. to Jamaica, 1966
25th of May - All African Liberation Day
23rd of July - Birth of HAILE SELLASSIE I, 1892
11th of September - Ethiopian New Year
2nd of November - H.I.M.Emperor Haile Selassie I's Coronation, 1930

Other celebrations may take the form of public programs in parks or community centres. These include:

  • February - Black History Month, USA
  • May 5th - Ethiopian Liberation Day,
  • August 17th - Birthday of Marcus Garvey.

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