The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I - Volume 2




Chapter I - The Debate and the Resolution at Geneva-Mussolini's Speech Against the Covenant of the League of Nations-The Decision to Make Our Residence at Bath-The Administration of Our Government from Gore

Chapter II - A Press Conference Held at Bath-The Broadcast We Made on Radio to the People of the World-Our Conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury

Chapter III - A Proposal to Expel Ethiopia from the League of Nations-The Death of Dejazmatch Nasibu Zamanuel-Relations with our Authorities at Gore-The Defence We Made Against the Diplomatic Problem that Resulted from the Occupation of Western Ethiopia-The Readiness of Some Countries to Recognize the Occupation of Ethiopia-The Objection of the Swiss Government to Our Request to Reside There

Chapter IV - About the Atrocities Inflicted on Our People-Our Message to Churches-The Support Given to Us by Natives of Africa Living in America-Our Appeal to the Geneva Assembly

Chapter V - Our Life at Bath and the Chapel We Set Up at the Fairfield Residence

Chapter VI - The Message We Sent to the American People on the B.B.C.

Chapter VII - Italy's Peace Proposal-Conversation With the Archbishop of Canterbury-Counsel from Our Friends and Advisers

Chapter VIII - Mussolini's Threat to the Mediterranean Sea-Changing British Policy Regarding the Ethiopian Affair-The General Comments We Gave to a Daily News Reporter

Chapter IX - About the Suggestions of Professor Gaston Jeze-Our Last Speech at Geneva-The Views of the Envoys of the Governments Represented at the General Assembly-The Death of Blatengeta Herui Wolde Sellassie

Chapter X - Communications with Our Patriots and Balabbats

Chapter XI - Mussolini Turns His Attention to Central Europe

Chapter XII - Exchange of Views with the British Authorities about Italy's Entry into the War as Germany's Ally

Chapter XIII - Our Return to the Sudan from London-The Message We Sent to the People of Britain from the Sudan

Chapter XIV - The Message We Sent to Ethiopia from the Sudan-The Proposal Presented to Us by Our Nobility

Chapter XV - Our Discussions with the Governor-General of the Sudan and with General Wavell

Chapter XVI - Preparing Our People for a General War-Our Meeting with Sir Anthony Eden-Opposition from the Brocklehurst Group

Chapter XVII - Our Discussion With General Platt-The Message Mr. Churchill Sent to the Italian People

Chapter XVIII - The Campaign into Ethiopia from the Sudan-The Future Administration of Ethiopia-Mr. Anthony Eden's Views

Chapter XIX - The Situation on the Three War Fronts-The Exchange of Views with Our Nobility

Chapter XX - About Our Entry into Debre Markos and about Matters Accomplished There

Chapter XXI - Our Arrival in Our Capital City

Chapter XXII - The Beginning of New Leadership and the Reconstruction of the Country-The State of Our Relations with the British

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