Royal Rastafari Anthem

Ethiopia the land of our father, The land where Rastafari love to be.
As the swift clouds are suddenly gathered, Thy children are gathered to thee.
With our Red Gold and Green floating over I, With our Emperor to shield I from wrong,
With I King and I future before I n I, I n I hail and I shout and I chant.


Haile Selassie I is, I Negus, Negus high, Who keeps Ithiopia free, 
To advance, to advance with truths and rights,
To advance, to advance with love and light,
With righteousness leading, I n I Hail to Rastafari I n I King
Imanity is pleading, One Rastafari for I n I.

0' Iternal Rastafari of all ages, Grant to I n I sons that lead,
Thy wise mind thou has given to the ages, When Ithiopia was so in need.
Thy voice through the dim pass has spoken, Ithiopia now stretch forth her hand,
By shall all barriers be broken, And Mt. Zion bless our dear Father-land.


Ethiopians, the tyrants are falling, Who smote thee upon thy knee,
And thy children are heartically chanting, From over the distant sea.
Rastafari, the great one has heard I n I, He has noted I sighs and I tears.
With the irits of love He has brought I n I, to be one all through the tradding years.


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